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December 5, 2015
by Demar The Star
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Zapable Evolution is a brand new app maker software tool that’s taking the mobile app development industry by storm. It's the brainchild of Andrew and Chris Fox who spent years in the trenches of internet marketing and app development. These guys generated over $10 million dollars in mobile applications and they have updated their best seller with the new game changing technology. Create an App in a Zap With one of the key components using the Zapable app builder is the design module. The app design module within Zapable allows you to control the layout of your apps. Design Your App. Your Way. With revolutionary widget system, the design of your app build is literally a matter of dragging then ordering how you would like your content to look. Zapable Has Over 30 Features To Allow You To Build Your App...Your Way With Drag N Drop’ App Builder. This isn't any regular software!

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App building software Zapable Evolution teaches individuals and businesses how to create an app with their revolutionary technology. In the past, only million dollar corporations had the money and the resources to pay tech geeks to develop apps for their customers. Andrew and Chris Fox has changed the game and made it possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make top-notch apps with the push of a couple of buttons for their clientele. Did you know over 86% of people use their mobile devices to search the web… and over “Black Friday” & “Cyber Monday” over 57% of people used their smartphones or tablets to make purchases online…

What if I told you there was a way to infiltrate a virtually untapped $4.4-BILLION-dollar goldmine that has been sitting right under your nose this very time? Yes, you've guessed It-Apps!

Mobile Apps are the future and guess what. Yes, this market is very lucrative and some have even called it the next big gold rush. Do you want in?

What is Zapable?

No coding skills, no experience, no hiring programmers. Imagine having your own mobile app that allows you to communicate instantly with everyone who has installed your app with quite literally the push of button… With Zapable you can build a mobile app for iPhone and Android in minutes. If I can build an app, trust me anyone can. Om not technically inclined at all. I introduced this app maker to my 14-year-old son and he rocked it. I bet if I showed grandma how to use this software she'll be creating apps too.  

Think about what your mobile app can have:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Fan pages
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Amazon stores
  • E-commerce stores
  • iTunes stores
  • Promote your music
  • Newsletter forms
  • And a whole lot more….
mobile app builder software

Zapable has over 30 Features!

  • Full Custom Design Interface
  • Push Button Notifications
  • Shopify Store
  • Add Your Amazon Store,
  • I-Tunes Store
  • Custom Catalog
  • Add Videos from YouTube Dropbox
  • Directory
  • Loyalty Cards
  •  RSS Feed
  • Coupon codes
  • Form builder
  • I-Tunes Store
  • Order Food
  • Telephone
  •  Create Opt-in Forms
  •  Audio Gallery
  • Image Gallery
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Flicker
  • Add notes
  • Share Location
  • PDF Reader
  • Appointment
  • Forms,
  • Add Any Website URL
  • Articles
  • Contact Email

zapable app builder


  1.  Zapable is very beneficial and has many advantages. Some of which include
  2.  It helps create an app through drag and drop functions
  3.  It creates an app in a few minutes
  4.  There is a huge and helpful Zapable community
  5.  The apps it creates are an effective way of communication, and they include many icons
  6.  It brings revenue in a number of ways
  7.  Zapable has 100 percent money back guarantee and a satisfaction policy.


While it is incredibly easy to create your apps with Zapable, you do have to host your apps in the Google app store or in the Apple store, and that costs money. However, they suggest that you start with the Google play store if you are on a tight budget in the beginning.

My Conclusion

Mobile apps are transforming the way we market to our customers. Cell phones are vastly replacing desktop computers and the market is enormous. Did you know that there are over 42 million Facebook fan pages, and marketers have been trying to figure out a way to monetize them? One way you can monetize them is by apps. yes, apps are the future of monetizing fan pages. This is the time to take advantage of this evergreen opportunity. If you don't, trust me someone else will. Don't take word for it, try "Zapable Evolution" for yourself by clicking the link below!

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