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March 30, 2016
by Demar The Star
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VO Genesis is an online based platform that allows you to record and have a lucrative voice over career from the comfort of your home. Some of us have found ourselves in a situation where a company was laying people off and you sadly, find yourself unemployed. With no money to pay the mortgage or even afford the daily basics, you frantically apply to jobs that you are overqualified for. VO Genesis gives you the option of making an income from home.  

What Is Vo Geneses?

  VO Genesis introduces the user to the basics of how to start up in the voice over industry. The app provides a detailed guide what one needs to know in all aspects of the voice over industry.   VO Genesis-Review

Who is Vo Geneses for?


VO Genesis is for those in need of a work from home job.

People looking to earn extra money on the side can download this app as well. The VO Genesis program is specially tailored for people who want to make their dreams come true. This fantastic app has an extensive range of categories from A – Z, with tips and tricks for each category. VO Genesis comprises of relevant information that you need to know to help you become successful as a voice over artist and optimize your voice over career.       VO Genesis Review

 How to Get More Voice Over Gigs

Voice over gigs pay well, and the more you apply, the higher your chances of getting a gig. Keep in mind that nothing comes easy; you need to practice the instructions in the book regularly to get the voice over gigs you want. Voice over is a wide and lucrative industry – producers are always on the lookout for new talent. Gone are the day’s you had to save your pretty pennies and head on over to Hollywood hoping to get an audition. The VO Genesis app does this for you! Just as any other business, you have to be armed with the proper training and some basic equipment. VO Geneses Review


  • Intended for beginners looking to start a new career
  • Best training for online voice over jobs
  • It's easy to follow and understand
  • Discover how to negotiate the best deals
  • There is a money back guarantee


It requires commitment and effort from the reader.  


Working from home is one of the best perks with VO Genesis. It's worth buying if your ready to commit to learning a new career. Simply follow the simple instructions and become a full-time voice over artist in no time! For more information, click the big button below for easy access!   Money Lab Online Reviews    

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