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January 13, 2016
by Demar The Star
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Are you looking for a Six Figure Shortcut? 6 Figure Shortcut by James Francis. Is a program focused on building the foundations for your online business. This program is not a get rich over night type of training. James Francis covers how to create a website, squeeze page, and traffic generation tips and strategies. Six Figure Shortcut is a comprehensive video training course that takes you by hand. Teaching you step-by-step on how to build an online business. This is great for internet marketers and affiliates looking to take their business to the next level. If you would like more detailed information please read my informative review below.   Six figure shortcut review & bonus  

What is Six Figure Shortcut?

  Six Figure Shortcut is everything you need to generate a six figure income online with internet marketing. James Francis is the brain child of this program which contains 3 modules of informative step-by-step video tutorials, totaling  over 15 hours of straight to point, no fluff instructions. The videos cover a wide variety of topics on  how to create a successful online business. James Francis covers strategies and methods that no other guru's dare to touch. To watch 15 hours of profit generating guidance you have to be serious about making a change in your life to bring home the money with second income ideas. That said, let's get into the meat and potatoes of the program to give you an idea of what this program is really about. Let's go!    

How to Make Six Figures?

  In module #1  of the six figure shortcut program covers that and more. Your foundation is buying a domain name and hosting for your blog and learning how to get and upgrade a papal account.  

Here are some of the methods you'll learn in module #1:

  • Introduction & Finding Your Message
  • Laying The Foundations
  • Creating Your Free Content
  • Setting Up Your Content
  • Creating A Killer Follow-Up Sequence
  • Setting Up A Squeeze Page
  • Creating A Profitable Offer
  • And Selling Your Profitable Offer
    Six figure shortcut review & bonus

What Does Six Figures Mean?

  Six Figures Mean that you have arrived financially to enjoy freedom and peace of mind. Every business needs one thing to survive and that's traffic. Traffic is the life blood to financial freedom,sales and conversions. Every video in this module takes you step-by-step to make sure your business generates six figures.  

Here are some of the methods you'll learn in module #2:

  • What's Next?
  • My Most Profitable Traffic Strategy
  • Top 3 Alternative Traffic Strategies
  • Communicating With Your Audience
  • Building Bridges
  • And Testing, Tweaking & Improving

How To Put Together Your Six Figure Profit Funnel

  The Six Figure Shortcut takes you from a zero to hundred real quick with step-by-step informative video's to on how to build a profitable sales funnel. The sales is a series of pages and offers that work together like a well oiled machine. If any part of the machine is not working correctly you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.  

Here are some of the methods you'll learn in module #3:

  • The Final Steps
  • Extending Your Funnel - Part #1
  • Creating Your Funnel - Part #2
  • Perfecting Your Funnel - Part #3
  • Everything Comes Together
  • And Your Six Figure Blueprint

Six Figure Shortcut Review & Bonus



The Six Figure Shortcut over delivers with over 15 hours of instructional video's that take you from zero to one hundred real quick. The first module is all about laying your foundation. It's like building a house, without the foundation your house of cards will crumble. Module #2 covers traffic generation, which is the life blood of your business. It needs to flow freely for you to generate passive income online. What good is all that if you don't have a profit generating sales funnel to maximize your profits. For more details, click the button below! Money Lab Online-How to make money

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