Instant Funnel Machine Review-How To Build High Converting Squeeze Funnels

May 13, 2016
by Demar The Star
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Have you heard of Instant Funnel Machine? If not, here's an overview of this incredible piece of software. If you haven't been under a rock, you've heard all the guru's talk about funnels. Putting together a sales funnel has many pieces or components and if you miss one. The whole sales funnel is defective, which means no leads or sales. You need an opt-in or squeeze page, lead magnet, one time offer, sales page, and thank you page. For most newbies this is a close to impossible task. If that's not enough, you'll need an auto-responder with follow-up sequence. Internet marketing takes a lot of skill and patience. Every time I feel like that I repeat my favorite quote from " Think and grow rich: Never stop 3 feet from gold."   Instant-Funnel-Machine-Reviews I know you're tired of being bombarded by the next shiny object. The creator "Trevor McHaffle" created this for marketers in mind. It was something he was thinking about for a long time and got it done.

What Is Instant Funnel Machine?

Instant Funnel Machine allows affiliates to create a marketing funnel with the click of a mouse. All you have to do is chose what element you want in your funnel. Everything is fully customizable to give all of your projects that personal feel. I was impressed by the easy functionality of the whole process. I bought all the upgrades and it gave me more options to choose from. Trevor McHaffle gives you step-by-step instructions threw the whole process. You realize that the vendor fed you a pile of crap to make the sale. I've bought and used the software and I want to share with you my findings.

Who is Instant Funnel Machine for?

Instant Funnel Machine is for marketers looking to make their life and job easier. It takes you step-by-step in the funnel making process. Let's say you want to go back and change something. No problem, just click a couple of buttons to make your changes and update. It's that's easy, to create a monetized sales funnel. That gives you the ability to get your link to promote. If you don't know how to upload a plugin or configure it. Trevor has a video to show you exactly how to install a plugin. Now let's take a look at what's included in the "Instant Funnel Machine" package.

Instant Funnel Machine Review Instant Funnel Machine Tutorials

Inside these tutorials you will see exactly how to create fully monetized squeeze and sales funnels and add them to your website with this exclusive WordPress plugin. This will show you how to use Instant Funnel Machine like a BOSS:
  • #1: Creating Your Instant Funnel Machine Account
  • #2: Creating Your First Funnel
  • #3: My Funnels
  • #4: How to Install the Plugin
  • #5: How to Import Your New Funnel
  • #6: Plugin My Funnels Tab


  • instant page monetization – convert boring, uninteresting pages into money-making platforms for affiliate offers.
  • easy squeeze page customization – simple fill-in-the-blanks let you configure your page look and feel.
  • create unlimited squeeze funnels – each taking just minutes to set up. how many will you build in a day?
  • quick install on WordPress – setup on your WordPress site in seconds and start using right away!


You have to upgrade to get the best results and value out of the software. Uploading your eBook or banner images is a bit fuzzy, not clear. Why, it doesn’t specify to use full banner details or just an image. It has a few bugs that be easily be fixed by the vendor.   Instant Funnel Machine Review


Instant Funnel Machine comes with 10 beautiful squeeze page themes with built-in e-books. The software comes with a flexible editor with instant integration with all popular autoresponders. It saves you time by having everything available in one place. It saves you money by providing you with customizable squeeze and thank your pages. Remember, you can try the system for 60 days with absolutely no risk. If at any time you don’t feel the system is worth the money, you can return it back for a full refund. For more exclusive information. Click Button Below Now! Instant Funnel Machine Review

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