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July 22, 2015
by Demar The Star
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Covert Store Builder allows you to create Amazon stores that is optimized to convert into leads and sales. Covert Store Builder allows you to build professional looking amazon stores. In the past when attempting to get an online store, they didn't look and feel like a store you would like to shop from. So the end result was failure. I knew I would one day find a store builder that would allow me to build a list and persuade the user to share my content with others. The Covert Store Builder is newbie friendly and easy to set up right out of the box. If you don't have time to set up a store or you're not that technically inclined, don't worry. Just head over to Fiverr and for $5 to $10 dollars they'll set up your store for you in a couple of days.

Amazon-Covert Store builder

Nowadays, there are many entrepreneurs who work on the internet. Promoting affiliate programs, because it is really a good way to make money online. Without having to create your own product or deal with shipping and storing merchandise. Here are some benefits:

  • Products cost
  • Set up cost
  • Fees or licenses
  • Sale experience required
  • Employees
  • And more…

However, creating an affiliate online store for selling physical products is not easy. It can be difficult and you could spend a lot of time and money tweaking your store. It is really a big problem when you're promoting products as an affiliate marketer. If you are a small business, you could spend hundreds of dollars hiring a professional coder or outsourcing projects is a big headache.

Thus, IM Wealth Builders who also created Covert Social Press, Covert Pin Press and Covert Video Press. Put together this new WordPress theme called Covert Store Builder. The appearance of Covert Store Builder is a good look and solution for affiliate marketers looking to quickly set up amazon stores to begin making passive income on autopilot. Now, let’s go to the detailed review of this product.

What is Covert Store Builder?

Covert Store Builder is a new WordPress Theme which that's developed by Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye the trio is known as "Internet Marketer Wealth Builders". Covert Store builder is a kick ass platform for building high converting affiliate stores selling physical products in any niche and this gives you the platform you need to succeed.

The theme is super simple to use, and with our point and click customization and posting – you simply can’t fail to create great looking, profit pulling sites. To see the covert store builder in action. Click Here To See CSB  720 Superstore!

Amazon-Covert Store Builder

Covert Store Builder Features & Benefits?

Covert Store Builder comes with features never before seen in any of the “dime a dozen” Amazon themes out there! Including…

  • Sell products from Amazon, Etsy, Commission Junction and more… with point and click simplicity.
  • Full autoresponder integration with GetResponse, Aweber, iContact are more.
  • Have people join your site as members and they will automatically be added to your list so you can promote your stores and products to them
  • Members can create wish lists they can share with their friends via social media and email (this one is the real money-maker!)
  • Full Facebook integration for comments, plus integration with all the other popular social media sites for social sharing
  • It’s the first self-optimizing affiliate store on the market. It will track views and clicks and automatically feature the best-selling products for bigger profits!
  • It’s built to mimic the tested and proven selling power of the biggest e-commerce sites.
  • And it looks like a million bucks


  • Helps you to build an online store fast and easy on WordPress.
  • Helps you to build a website that looks professional and clean-looking.
  • Directly link you to Amazon, therefore products are very easy to put up and promote.
  • Automatically integrated with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Can help with promotions and traffic building.
  • Offer money back guarantee


  • no training on getting traffic
  • too much hype
  • 5 minutes to build a website – not possible
  • highly competitive market
  • setting up your store rapidly you will be using content that is not unique
  • no free trial


Covert Store Builder helps you create unique and attractive Amazon affiliate stores in a few minutes by clicking a few buttons. In my opinion, the price is affordable because you only make one time investment for this great theme. If you compare the price of Covert Store Builder. To the fees which you spend to hire a professional coder to make everything like what Covert Store Builder, you would pay an arm and a leg.  The price you would spend for awesome theme, you would recoup your money with a couple of easy sales. You now have the power at your finger tips to create a profitable online business with ease with the covert builder theme. Act now or live in regret for leaving tons of money on the table. For more info, click the big button below!

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