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November 17, 2015
by Demar The Star
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Commission Gorilla helps in the field of affiliate marketing, it is common knowledge that offering a bonus together with any promotion can result in higher sales and larger commissions. If you have any doubt, you’ll be interested to know that two super affiliates have extensively tested this marketing theory and determined that a bonus has the potential to quintuple your commissions.

   You didn’t read that wrong! Simply by offering a bonus, you can make five times the money! However, you shouldn’t fall into the misconception that this will be easy money. To do this right, you will have to create bonus pages, which takes time, money, or skills. In the past, if you didn’t have the skills or the financial resources to hire a professional to create the type of pages that increase conversions, you were out of luck. Not anymore!    

  Commission Gorilla Review  

What is Commission Gorilla?

It’s time to become acquainted with Commission Gorilla, an app that makes creating the bonus offer pages, delivery pages, and more conversions and leads for your online business. Want to know more?

Here’s a look at some of the features:

  •  Point and click simple WYSIWYG editor: Are you at a complete loss when it comes to design or coding? Now, with a few simple points and clicks, you can create outstanding, high converting bonus pages. There’s no easier way to insert videos, incorporate images, or include the call to action buttons that make customers want to react immediately.
  •  Free hosting: If you don’t have a website, Commission Gorilla will host your bonus offer pages for free. You also have the option to upload your pages directly to your site. In fact, Commission Gorilla even has a plug-in that makes uploading pages to your WordPress site easier than you could have ever imagined.
  •  Social share buttons: Thanks to the built-in share buttons, it has never been easier to promote your bonus pages. Build your page, promote it, and move on to other things. As an added bonus, you can even drag and drop social share buttons to your bonus pages for visitors to use.
  •  Automatic bonus delivery:

  • While you create your bonus page, Commission Gorilla is simultaneously creating your delivery page. To cut down on the already short amount of time it takes to create pages, you can drag and drop-in text that is prewritten.
  •  Dashboard stats: Just by logging in, you’ll have the ability to take a quick look at your stats and track your pages. There’s no guessing about which pages are performing the best; you can simply look and see.
  •  Clone feature: After you have created an amazing, high-performing bonus page, you can use it again and again. With a click of the mouse, you can clone the page and make a few changes for a new offer. In other words, you can have a new and effective bonus page ready in a matter of minutes, with minimal effort on your part.
  •  Bonus library: It’s a common internet marketing practice for affiliates to reuse bonuses. Now, it’s easier than ever to do this. Commission Gorilla allows you to build and stow away bonus building blocks in the bonus library. Later, you can drag and drop these building blocks onto your bonus pages. You’ll find that as you use Commission Gorilla more and more, it becomes quicker and easier to create new pages, especially if you take advantage of the bonus library.
  • Professional features: When you decide to use Commission Gorilla, you get access to an extensive collection of features that are designed to make the most of your traffic and improve your conversion rates. For example, you’ll be able to use countdown timer, attention bars, and exit pop-ups. As an added bonus for yourself, you’ll get a package of “done for you” bonuses that you can use for your own benefit during your next promotion.

Commission Gorilla Benefits

Think about it. Traditional HTML editors have a huge learning curve, aren’t designed to explicitly create direct-response sales pages, and they’re clumsy. Commission Gorilla is completely different. It’s designed specifically with marketers in mind. Regardless of your background or skills, you can point and click your way to creating high-converting bonus offer pages.   However, don’t think this app is just for affiliates. It's great for creating affiliate bonus pages. Also, be used to create bonus pages for other products. You can even use it to produce special offers, bonuses, and coupons for your offline or online business. The app has enough flexibility that it can be used to create lead pages, contest pages, and much more. Commission Gorilla Review

 Of course, that’s not even the best part.

  1.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to hire a designer.
  2.  Don’t have to know anything about codes.
  3.  Won't even need to have any design skills.
  4.  And, if you opt for the Pro option, you don’t even need a bonus. Instead, Commission Gorilla provides you with an entire pack of top-quality bonuses designed to increase your conversions.

My Conclusion

So, what are my final thoughts on Commission Gorilla? There’s no denying it; it is the fastest and simplest way to get your bonus pages up and running. I have to give it two thumbs up. Commission Gorilla is for affiliate marketers, internet marketers, work at home moms, work at home dads, newbies or anyone looking to get leads and conversions on autopilot. Creating bonus pages on your own is quite difficult but with this amazing software, you'll be able to create them with the push of a button. Are you looking to make serious money online as an affiliate? If so, take action today and take your business to the next level by clicking the link below for all the details. See you on the other side!   Money Lab Online Reviews

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