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March 24, 2016
by Demar The Star
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Click Intensity what is it? It's an easy program that pays you daily. It's fully automated and easy to duplicate. Click Intensity is the first revenue sharing program that pays you 7 levels deep. The system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you. This New Revenue Share System builds your down line on autopilot.  

Click Intensity Overview

  Get paid for performing simple online tasks. Your chance to participate in a trillion-dollar online advertising niche is now. The anticipation about this new launch is crazy. My theory is give it a go to see if it really works or not. By the way it's free to join. That said, let's see what Click Intensity is all about in this honest informative review. Read more below! Click Intensity Review

Click Intensity Breakdown

  Click Intensity is a brand new revenue sharing system that pays you to perform simple online task. In a nutshell, their the #1 leading site representation company. That has 6 plus years in the online advertising domain with a network that serves 2 billion monthly impressions. Click Intensity has 17 million users worldwide with partnerships with top quality publishers and advertisers.  

Here is a simple breakdown of what Click Intensity is all about:

  • It's an "easy" program.
  • You get paid daily!
  • It's fully automated and easy to duplicate
  The industry first revenue share program which pays you 7 level deep. And... the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you. Does that get your attention now?   Click Intensity Review

How Click Intensity Works

  Click Intensity provides its members the opportunity to participate in the multi-billion dollar ads industry. In the past it was difficult for you to capitalize on this growing market. The solution is making CI user funded which means you’re buying stock that can yield big profits. How it works is:  
  • 1: Start Your Free Account.
  • 2: Purchase Ad Packs.
  • 3: Complete Daily Tasks & Your Done
  The system is simple and easy to purchase revenue shares and profit. You're simply buying shares in the form of ad packs which cost you $25. Your $25 makes a profit of $5 that equals $30  which is a 120% return on your investment. All you're doing to make money with this platform is buying advertising and promoting it.   Click Intensity Review

What Products CI Offers?


The products that's offered through Click Intensity are:

  • Pop Up Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Premium Ads
  • And Banner Ads

Other products offered are:

  • Mobile Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Game Ads
  • And Mobile Apps
Click Intensity Review

5 Simple Ways Click Intensity Pays


Your success depends on how hard you grind and use the system correctly. Discover how to make money with click intensity below:

  1. Team MLM: You get to make your own team and start a chain where you quickly see profits and grow.
  1. Personally Referred Member Sales: You earn a flat 10% on all silver coin packs purchased and repurchased by your personally referred members.
  1. Team Income: This is where it gets really exciting!
  1. Backend Sales Pays 7 levels deep in your team buys a premium advertising product like pop-up ads or solo ads straight from CI.


  Click Intensity is a new opportunity that requires your time and money.  This is the right kind of business to invest in. Secure you free spot now and start collecting your commissions. Click Here For Details!   Money Lab Online        

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